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Michael Simmons Bio

Mr. Simmons has filed 11 patents for emergency, energy-saving and life-saving devices.  For instance, in 2005, he designed and patented a device that sensed when a hotel room was not occupied and cycled the A/C unit on and off, providing a great energy savings. Michael also designed and patented an expanding electrical box.  

He continues to operate his electrical business while designing and patenting more energy and life-saving products. Mr. Simmons currently has nine patents pending.

About Us

Simmons US was founded by Michael Simmons, a Master Electrician with over 35 years of experience in the electrical business.

Incorporated in Virginia, Simmons US is comprised of two companies:

  • Dynamic Directions, LLC - provides life-saving directional lighting for emergency evacuation
  • Simmons Lighting, LLC - develops and provides cost-effective primary and secondary lighting solutions for homes, businesses, and industry

The links above will take you to the respective webpages for each of the Simmons US companies.

Simmons US, LLC

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