What are the benefits of this system?

  • Enhances building safety for occupants
  • Provides for an orderly exit away from trouble
  • ​Easy wireless install; battery back up
  • Ties in to first responders via land or cellular
  • The safety feature might reduce insurance premiums
  • Reduces annual testing expenses
  • ​Low installation and maintenance cost
  • ​Requires minimally invasive installation for existing structures

What does it do?

  • Recognizes an Emergency Evacuation is required
  • Directs occupants to safe exit  
  • Can be used in combination with speakers and microphones
  • Activates LED lighting at smoke detector for additional lighting to overall building
  • Provides additional emergency lighting when there is a power outage
  • ​Patent Pending

Battelle recently tested its SiteGuard Active Shooter Response system and Dynamic Directions in a high school that is part of the Reynoldsburg City Schools district, near Columbus, OH. The new product blends the use of on-site sensors and software to detect the danger and kick off a series of activities intended to lessen the impact of the crime.

Patented Directional Lighting for Emergency Evacuation

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How does the system work?

  • Self contained not directed from any command center​
  • System uses a simple smoke detection system to alarm
  • Uses patented Directional Lighting to guide occupants to safe exits
  • Can be partnered with other detectors such as sound sensors (gunshot recognition), smoke, carbon monoxide, heat sensors or laser technology
  • Responds to official override or video signal from satellite, iPad, cell phone or computer