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Innovative Emergency Lighting Products

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The Sta-Lit invention provides a lighting apparatus that is able to illuminate despite the loss of a primary source of power and a circuit controlling the same.  The Sta-Lit invention provides a lighting apparatus that includes a primary illumination source AC, a secondary illumination source DC, a first source of power and a second source of power, and a circuit controlling the same  upon loss of the first source of power. Sta-Lit can be configured for installation as a back-fit or retro-fit for use with existing wiring in a residential or commercial building.

Simmons Lighting designs products that are used as a primary lighting source from AC and in the event main power sources are unavailable, they serve as a back-up lighting source from DC.  Mr. Simmons has developed (light-emitting diode) LED lighting concepts including:

  • Household and residential bulb series
  • Commercial tube bulbs
  • Outdoor flood bulbs
  • Recessed fixtures and bulbs

All of these LED bulbs can be retro-fitted into existing fixtures utilizing existing wiring and are able to be operated to on and off positions.